Chapter 001: Three Great Martial Arts

The turbulent rivers and streams flow in between continuous hills. One can hear the constant roaring of demonic beasts from within the hills, a sound as ordinary as billowing thunder.

Beyond the waterfront lies a magnificent city upon a broad plain.

This city, called Heavenly Ancestor City, lies on the edge of Ji Province of the Great Zhou Empire. Its location was of great importance, and as a result, the city had suffered successive years of chaos due to past warring. In recent years, however, the Great Zhou Empire’s national strength had grown powerful, and thus, the region is slightly more calm and stable.

Heavenly Ancestor City, Heavenly Star Academy.

It is high noon. The sun is shining brightly upon the faces of many people. The intermittent shouts of bravo can be heard from an open area within the center of Heavenly Star Academy. A group of students are sitting cross-legged on the ground, looking forward intently.

At the front is a young, male teacher demonstrating a martial arts technique. His muscles are erupting from his entire body, seemingly like an ancient, gigantic beast. His arms are sturdy, both of which are covered in black scales. Under the sunlight, the scales emanate a profound, metallic luster.

“Martial arts experienced innumerable evolutions since ancient times. Finally, only the three most powerful martial arts remained. Namely: Flame Martial Arts, Dragon Martial Arts, and Star Martial Arts.” While the young teacher demonstrated his martial skill, he introduced, “I am a Dragon Martial Artist.”

“Dragon Martial Artists have inherited dragon blood.  After stimulating the dragon blood, the mortal body is given formidable, incomparable strength, as such!” The young teacher formed a right fist and suddenly bulked his muscles. His wild strength seemed inhumane as he slammed his fist towards the side of a gigantic stone weighing several hundred kilograms.

In that moment, the impact created a fulmination of awesome strength.


Stone chips scatter.

On the gigantic stone, the terrifying fist’s seal created a pan-sized crater, as if the hole was bored by an iron tool.

It is inconceivable that one person could create such a result with just a fist.

The students were mesmerized. How terrifying was this one person’s strength!? The students were excited to become Dragon Martial Artists to attain such formidable strength.

Among the numerous students, a youth is sitting very properly and observing the teacher. He appears to be 15 or 16 years old and is wearing simple attire. His skin is dark, probably because of frequent exposure to the sun, but under the close beads of sweat, his appearance is very delicate.

His name is Ye Xinghe from Heavenly Ancestor City’s Blue Carp Town. The entirety of Blue Carp Town was relying on his innate talent and diligence, and when he was admitted to Heavenly Star Academy, he naturally treasured such an opportunity.

At this time, the young teacher continued, “Most martial artists use Dragon Arts, but Flame Arts are stronger stronger. A Dragon Martial Artist can only defeat a Flame Martial Artist of the same rank in melee combat. However, Flame Martial Artists control fire within a wide area, so their seals can defeat several Dragon Martial Artists of the same rank simultaneously.”

“What about Star Martial Artists?” inquired a young girl with a clear voice.

Star Martial Artists are the most unique, as they cultivate the power of the stars. Each star power is unique, including healing, movement, etc. In the past, there were many expert Star Martial Artists. They can even go against heaven’s will, but because their cultivation techniques cannot be inherited, only a few Star Martial Artists have currently cultivated to the 9th Heavenly Layer Realm,” the young teacher sighed.

“Haha, Star Martial Artists are only a waste!” a youth exclaimed brazenly. He had the physique of a Flame Martial Artists and was quite proud.


Note: I stopped translating Star Martial God Technique about a month ago. Consider this to be on hiatus.