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New Site Layout

I’ve finally decided to relaunch something decent since almost seven years ago. All of the things that you all know and love (eg. the seedbox and streams) are still up and untouched. Most of you ironically will probably never discover the home page because you’ve already bookmarked the other projects on the server.

Anyway, another┬áthing that want to mention is I read a web novel named “The Bathroom Goddess.” It’s the first novel to have captivated my interest in years. The imagery is exemplary, the story is original to a Westerner like me, and it shows the effects of trade on a macro scale. I highly recommend it, so click here to read it. Also, here’s the link to the The Bathroom Goddess: After Story Part 2.

Other than that, the site is bare at the moment, but I’m still fleshing everything out.

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