Current Projects

Seedbox: Completed. Uses libtorrent as a part of the back end. I intend to rent a service-level agreement for consistent HTTP and SFTP bandwidth sometime in the future. I’m also considering 2 TB of storage total and at least 400 mbps synchronous.

Media Stream: On hiatus, but somewhat functional. Currently using Plex as the front end for ease on users. Urgently needs a CPU upgrade. It can barely transcode one 720p stream. Any higher resolution is completely out of the question. A service level agreement would also be immensely helpful here. My meta search engine for movies was written Python, but I want to reprogram some things to make on-demand content more fluid. Currently supports images, movies, music, and TV shows.

PokéImpact (Pokémon GO Map): On hiatus. I don’t play Pokémon GO anymore, and I’m no longer interested in keeping up with the API changes. However, I do have a very faint interest in continuing it.