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Broughy1322’s Vehicle Spreadsheet:

Note: The Emerus supposedly spins out more than the Krieger. The Krieger may be superior in dirty races due to AWD and better acceleration.

Nightclub Warehouse Management

ProductProfit (Upgraded)
South American Imports$10k Per Hour
Cargo and Shipments$8571 Per Hour
Pharmaceutical Research$8500 Per Hour
Sporting Goods$7500 Per Hour
Cash Creation$7000 Per Hour
Organic Produce$4500 Per Hour
Printing and Copying$4000 Per Hour
Note 1: though the Nightclub warehouse requires ownership of the corresponding MC business, they are separate entities. MC sales don’t seem to affect Nightclub warehouse inventory.
Note 2: Assuming max storage upgrades and excluding the opportunity loss of Printing and Copying, it takes 20 hours before a South American Imports, Pharmaceutical Research, and Cash Creation reach cap.

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